I want to become a penetration tester.

Yep, that’s my goal. Pentesting is a really cool and exciting field to dive into. There’s always something to learn and the satisfaction of breaking into a system is incredible. Of course, with each large goal means a set of smaller goals and questions. What does pentesting consist of? How could I further myself to make obtaining a career easier?

Pentesting serves as a method of assessing the security of a company’s network and computer infrastructure. How safe is their data? What is their weakest link? Companies rely on the reports written after the exploitation phase to use as a guide on improving their security.

To further myself, books, projects, and research are certainly the way to go.

I read up on basic wifi cracking and tested it out on Kali Linux so far and it’s awesome, which is what inspired a desire to start writing this blog. Maybe if I have a way of tracking progress, it will give me a yearning to do more. Plus I have a way to geek out about it.

My first project is to create a small web pentesting lab. Essentially, I would be hosting a local web application on a raspberry pi, and I would try to exploit it. My next post will highlight exactly what I want to do. By the end of it, I expect to know basic back-end web development and web exploitation.

I can’t wait construct my own lab from the ground up! Until next time.


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